Technology enhanced learning: increasing user satisfaction

Effectiveness of learning support technologies.

In recent years there has been a proliferation of online course offerings at every level and a corresponding increase in demand for these courses. This research will assess the effectiveness of learning support technologies from diverse perspectives: user (engagement, learning efficiency and user satisfaction), content (interactivity), and technology. This research is suitable for students with an interest in Human Computer Interaction, E-Learning, Education, Psychology or digital content development and evaluation.

HCI Research

The challenges of meeting human interaction needs on mobile devices are well documented (reduced screenspace and users¡¯ divided attention to task), as are the problems of engaging users in an increasingly noisy and over-populated digital world. Research concerned with the representation of complex user problems on mobile device screens and the satisfaction of users¡¯ goals as engagingly as possible (user engagement, successful task completion) is of interest here. How to attract and engage users¡¯ attention, enable them to achieve their goals and have them return is a universal problem whether designing shopping applications, medical informatics systems, social networks, educational programs, etc. Various approaches to increasing user engagement in HCI include affective computing, gamification, playful design and others.