Plant and Algal Biotechnology 

A particular strength of staff in Botany and Plant Science is their expertise in Plant and Algal Biotechnology and Biochemistry. Specific areas of interest include algal biotechnology, molecular plant and fungal biotechnology, and plant and algal biochemistry .    

What is Plant and Algal Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is driven by the combined demands of providing sufficient resources, including food and medicines, for our planets ever-increasing population to live healthily and sustainably in the face of climate-change. This requires not only better understanding and optimising (through applying new growing methods, harvesting-techniques, and/or technologies) our current use of various plants, algae and fungi, but diversifying and seeking novel materials, medicines and foods and investigating how they may be sustainably exploited. 

Biotechnology seeks to understand and manipulate biological processes in plants, algae and fungi for the generation of useful products that may be used for a range of different purposes such as medicines, foods and food ingredients, nutraceuticals, textiles, and many others. It is underpinned by research that investigates the biochemistry, structural biology and (eco)physiology of these organisms, and the occurrence of biochemical compounds, such as lipids, pigments, proteins and polysaccharides, as well as the factors influencing their metabolism (synthesis and catabolism) in model- (examples at NUI Galway include Aspergillus, Rasamsonia and Trichoderma fungi, [ZAP4] Penium and C-fern) and relevant specific organisms (e.g. seaweeds native to Ireland and fungi isolated from Irish habitats). It also includes research focused on understanding key plant, algal, and fungal features that are involved in factor affecting crop yield (e.g. parasitic plants) and drought tolerance (e.g. stomata).

Some recent exciting developments based on harnessing plant and algal biotechnology range from developing sustainable ‘biorefineries’ that will produce renewable energy, high-value biochemicals and commodity products from the biological building blocks in non-food plants and everyday plant-derived wastes, to mining new anti-cancer and anti-microbial therapeutics from plants, algae and fungi. Understanding the true biodiversity of plants, fungi and algae in the natural world, which is a central theme in the current plant & algal biotechnology projects, will enhance future biotechnological outputs and innovation, and support sustainable use of these valuable resources[MT5] .

Current and recent research focuses on developments of plants and algae in several industrial sectors, such as food, agricultural and health sciences. 

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Current and recent projects 

Algal/marine Biotechnology (PI: Dagmar Stengel)

NutraMara. Marine Functional Foods Research Initiative (Marine Institute/DAFM)

Marine Biotechnology ERA-Net NEPTUNA project: coordinated by Dagmar Stengel

Optimisation and standardisation of phlorotannin profiles of commercially valuable seaweeds with food applications (Teagasc Walsh Fellowship)

Profiling and Optimising chemical composition of red Sea Vegetables for enhanced bioactive yields (FIRM, DAFM)

SMART FOOD - Science Based ’Intelligent’/Functional and Medical Foods for Optimum Brain Health, Targeting Depression and Cognition (FIRM, DAFM)

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Plant and Algal Biochemistry

(PI: Dr Popper)

Effects of extraction conditions on the yield and composition of polysaccharides from the seaweeds Ulva sp., Palmaria palmata, Fucus vesiculosus and Laminaria digitata (FIRM project/DAFM-funded). 

Stomatal cell wall composition

The effects of desiccation and age on the cell wall biochemistry of charophycean green algae

Infection processes used by the parasitic plant Cuscuta

Molecular tools for the identification and localization of algal cell wall components (SFI-funded)

Effect of mechanical stimulation on plant growth and cell wall morphology and composition (IRCSET-funded). 

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Molecular plant and fungal biotechnology projects

(PI: Maria Tuohy)

Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC), an Enterprise Ireland supported Technology Centre: Pillar 5: ‘Valorisation Technologies’ to create value-added prebiotics, bioactives, food/feed ingredients and biochemicals  from dairy wastes)

EU FP7 INTERREG IVB NWE Programme (‘ReNEW’) - Intensification of resource recovery and reuse of organic wastes with novel (fungal) enzymatic technologies.

Technology Centre for Biorefining & Bioenergy (TCBB, an Enterprise Ireland supported Technology Centre): Enabling (fungal) enzyme technology forconversion of biomass and industry process wastes to biorefining and bioenergy feedstocks & Enzyme technology for grass & algae conversion to fermentable feedstocks for biorefining & bioenergy applications

Enterprise Ireland - ACE – Accelerating Catalyst for enhanced Enzyme Production by Fungal Cell factories

Department of Agriculture Food & the Marine Food Institute Research Measure (DAFM FIRM) Project - Pre-commercialisation Evaluation of Algal Derived Prebiotic Poly and Oligosaccharides using Phenotype Microarray Technology

DAFM FIRM project ‘BIA-SLAN’: Bioactive Ingredients from Algal Sources - novel Antimicrobial tools to limit Campylobacter infection of poultry

DAFM Network programme - Integrated Irish Phyto Food Network: Tracing phytochemical from farm to fork & DAFM FIRM project - Development of functional foods with waste/by-products of fruit, vegetable and fish processing

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Recent Plant/Algal/Fungal Biotechnology publications

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