Plant and Algal Cell Walls

Plant and Algal Cell Walls at NUI Galway spans research on photosynthetic eukaryotes at the cellular, organism and ecological levels (see also Plant Ecology and AlgalBioSciences). The primary focus is to characterise cell wall biochemistry and physiology in order to better understand the reciprocal impacts of the abiotic (e.g. mechanical stresses such as wind, presence of salts) and biotic (e.g. parasites, pathogens) environment on plant and algal cell walls. Cell wall characteristics of extant plants and algae additionally provide signatures which can give insight into evolution as well as influence current plant/algal competitiveness.        

Dr Zoë Popper

Dr Maria Tuohy 

Expertise and interests include:

  • characterising cell wall composition
  • plant and algal evolution
  • adaptive modification of cell walls
  • host-parasite (plant-plant) interactions from the cellular-molecular to community level
  • localisation of cell wall components
  • plant and algal (expansive cell) growth
  • optimising extraction of cell wall polysaccharides
  • cell wall physiology

Current projects include:

Characterisation of algal cell wall polysaccharides (SFI RFP; PhD student Sandra Raimundo)

Algal polysaccharides and their pre-biotic potential (FIRM Project, DAFM; lead by Prof Ross, UCC; MSc student Charlotte O’Callaghan) 

Research in Plant and Algal Cell Walls is supported by

Science Foundation Ireland; Teagasc; Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine; Irish Research Council; National University of Ireland Galway.  

Selected recent publications (for full details see profiles of PIs):

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