Principle Investigator

‌‌‌‌Sheila Donnelly

Sheila completed her PhD in the neuro-immunological response to viral infection as a member of the Atkins research group in the School of Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin in 1997. Her early postdoctoral work at NUI Maynooth focused on the neuro-immunological response to vaccination, investigating the link between administration of whole cell vaccines and the induction of seizure behaviour. In 2001, she began a postdoctoral position with Prof Dalton, switching research activities to the isolation and characterization of immune modulating proteins secreted by helminth parasites. She followed this with a move to the University of Technology Sydney, where she continued to explore host-parasite interactions with a specific interest in the modulation of host innate immune cell activation. Sheila is collaborating with the Molecular Parasitology group to apply the mechanisms of immune modulation employed by helminths to the development of new therapeutic strategies for diseases mediated by dysregulated and/or chronic inflammation.