PhD Student


Siobhán Hamon completed her BSc (Hons) in Medical Science from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology in 2014. She worked as a medical scientist in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Galway University Hospital from 2015-2020. During this time, she trained in the clinical biochemistry laboratory and Point-of-Care Testing, providing diagnostic laboratory tests for patients in the west of Ireland. Siobhán completed a MSc in Biomedical Science from the University of Ulster in 2017, with specialist study in clinical chemistry. During this MSc she researched the biomarker Growth Differentiation Factor-15 in diabetic kidney disease. In 2020 Siobhán joined Professor John Daltons molecular parasitology laboratory at NUIG. Her research will focus on the therapeutic potential of parasite-derived immunomodulatory peptides in the treatment of sepsis and acute kidney injury.

Email: S.hamon1@universityof