Each unit within Student Services is managed by a Head of Function. You will find contact details on each Head of function below:

Imelda Byrne - Head of Access Centre

Email: imelda.byrne@universityofgalway.ie

Telephone: 091493553 

Website: www.universityofgalway.ie/accesscentre/

Fr. Ben Hughes - Chaplain and Head of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Email: Ben.hughes@universityofgalway.ie

Telephone: 091492168

Website: https://www.universityofgalway.ie/chaplains/

Riona Hughes - Societies Officer

Email: socsofficer@socs.nuigalway.ie

Telephone: 091 495218

Website: https://www.universityofgalway.ie/societies/ 

Marie Laffey - Head of the Career Development Centre

Email: marie.laffey@universityofgalway.ie

Telephone: 091492909

Website: Career Development Centre

James McCormack - Head of Student Counselling and Wellbeing

Email: counselling@universityofgalway.ie



Lisa McCormack - Student Support Manager


Website:Student Support Advisory Team

Josephine Walsh - Head of Student Engagement Projects 



Website:Student Engagement