Energy Society's Anti-Fast Fashion Show

Anti-Fast Fashion Show is an initiative established by NUIG Energy Society.

Energy Soc’s Anti-Fast Fashion Show began as an online campaign to commemorate World Earth Day in April 2021. Participants were asked to upload photos of themselves wearing 3 charity shop outfits to Instagram and tag @nuigenergysociety. The result was a vibrant collection of photos of students dressed completely in second-hand clothes and celebrating second-hand fashion online. Winners were selected based on creativity, uniqueness, and cost-effectiveness.

The purpose of this initiative was to spread awareness about sustainable fashion among NUI Galway students and to emphasise the benefits of shopping second-hand for both people and the planet. Energy Soc succeeded in demonstrating that second-hand clothes can be chic and unique, while also being good for your wallet.

models for anti fast fashion show‌‌‌‌‌

In October 2021, NUIG Energy Society travelled to Strasbourg to showcase their Anti-Fast Fashion Show at the European Parliament Youth Event on the Climate Crisis. Here they performed an in-person fashion show displaying their creative and vibrant outfits for people from all around Europe. While on stage, some models held cardboard signs displaying shocking facts about the fashion industry, illuminating the dark side of fashion simultaneously.

models at Anti-Fast Fashion Show in strasbourg

Anti-Fast Fashion Week 2022 (March 7th-11th)

The Anti-Fast Fashion Show returned in March 2022 with an entire week dedicated to combatting fast fashion. The long awaited Anti-Fast Fashion Show took place in The Cube on Tuesday 8th March and was a roaring success. Other events during the week included a “mend your own clothes” workshop, a charity shop fast fashion competition, a documentary screening, and a clothes swap. All proceeds from the week went to SVP and MSF Ukraine.

photos of models at anti-fast fashion show