University of Galway Student Pantry

This is an amazing project founded and run by Adam Mullins, a student of the university. Adam has set up a system where food is collected through FoodCloud, a system creating links with local supermarkets to redistribute food and reduce food waste. The collections consist of surplus food, food with damaged packaging, end of line items and food that is nearing its sell by and best before date. This food is then distributed to students attending the University of Galway.

A panel of three images. The panel to the left shows a basket full of pre-packaged rice cakes; the middle panel shows Adam Mullins, founder of the Student Pantry, holding a basket of leftover food collected from supermarkets; the panel to the right shows a freezer of 6 shelves filled with food.

With help and funding coming from the Student's Union, the project has successfully run over the course of the summer, allowing the initiative to reach more students in the University of Galway.

This impressive initiative has a huge effect on combating carbon emissions through diverting food from landfill’s. This allows University of Galway students to live more sustainably at no cost.

A panel of two images. The left panel shows a display of 3 boxes containing 15 boxes of cereal bars each. The right panel shows a large selection of instant coffee packets.

The Student Pantry won an award for “Best Idea” at the University of Galway Society Awards 2022.

The Student Pantry is currently running all summer, opening its doors every Friday at 1pm.

Adam has also worked very closely with the Student's Union to improve the Student Pantry for the beginning of the 2023 academic year.