Supplier Setup Process

NUI Galway fully endorses good practice in relation to the setting up of individual accounts for all suppliers of goods, services and works on the accounts payable ledger of financial accounting systems (Agresso in NUI Galway’s case).

This enables relevant parties (such as University Management Team (UMT), Procurement and Financial Accounting) to produce better information/reporting in relation to supplier spending, as well as the nature of such spending.

New Supplier Setup Process Map PDF

 New Supplier Setup Process Map

There is an onus on budget-holders (and other relevant employees that request the set-up of new suppliers) to ensure that the information provided by themselves and the supplier is accurate and sufficiently complete and informative. 

Also, in advance of requesting a supplier to be set up, the budget-holder/requestor should ensure that:

(a)   there isnt a centralised contract already in place for the particular goods or services required.   If there is, the budget holder is obliged to use a contracted supplier
(b)   an alternative supplier does not already exist on the supplier database

 When requesting the set-up of new suppliers (of goods/services), the steps involved are as follows:

  1. Budget Holder downloads a New Supplier Setup Form (V28)‌ from the Procurement Website link:
  2. Budget holder issues form to potential supplier for completion of Part A and B.
  3. On return of completed form from supplier, Budget Holder reviews supplier information to ensure all information is completed.   Budget Holder then completes Part C.  Please note certain regulations apply when setting up individuals.   (Please visit the Financial Accounting website for more information)
  4. When Part A, B and C are fully complete, the Budget Holder  emails the form in Word format to for review and electronic signoff.  Once approved, Procurement will forward to the Accounts Payable Office.  
    Timeline: A minimum of 4 days from receipt of  fully completed (Parts A,B&C) supplier set up form.
  5. On receipt in the Accounts Payable Office, and assuming all is in order, the form will be countersigned by a senior member of the Expenditure Office team.
  6. The Accounts Payable Office will set up the supplier account on Agresso for successful applicants within 7 working days.
  7. Once the supplier is setup, the purchaser must raise an Agresso purchase order, and issues to the supplier to confirm the order. 
  8. On delivery of the order, the purchaser GRN's the purchase order on Agresso to confirm receipt.  
  9. The supplier submits an Invoice (matching the purchase order)  to Accounts Payable.   If the GRN has been completed, Accounts Payable can process the invoice for payment.   

To allow for the efficient processing of supplier setup requests, please note the following:

The Procurement & Contracts Office will only accept...

  • The lastest version of the form.
  • Forms with Part A, B and C  Fully  Completed       
  • Forms In Word Format only.   
  • Forms  completed using Typeface

 Setting up Individuals

Should you need to setup an individual as a supplier, additional information is required on the background to the request.   The requestor must review the information provided on the Financial Accounting website prior to engaging the individual.      A one page checklist is provided which must be completed in all cases for individuals.   The checklist, along with supporting documentation to confirm that the individual satisfies Self Employment, should be submitted with the Supplier Set Up Form to Accounts Payable for review.