Current registered full-time Mature students 

How do I make an appointment with the Mature Student Officer? 

What is ATS Mentoring?

The ATS Mentoring Programme provides a friendly introduction to NUI Galway for first year students. Existing students are tasked with ensuring a smooth integration of incoming First Years into university life. This voluntary programme will assist First Years with any transitional needs and Mentors will be a go-to person for any problems they may have or assistance they may require.  

Is there a link to the ATS website?

You can also find ATS Mentoring on YourSpace

Who is a Mentee?

In simple words a Mentee (under ATS Mentoring) is someone who is new to NUI Galway and can benefit from having an ATS Mentor i.e. someone who has lived experiences of university life; academically, physically, mentally, and socially.

How can I become a Mentee?

All 1st year students  linked to the Access Centre qualify to be Mentees. They are automatically allocated a Mentor .

Who will be my ATS Mentor?

A current NUI Galway student or an alumnus of the college will be your Mentor.

When will I be assigned my ATS Mentor?

You will be assigned a Mentor during inductions, orientation and themed weeks for all first-year students. You will have a chance to engage your Mentor and then set a programme of how you would like to engage. Remember that you are to a degree in charge of this relationship. The Mentor is there to guide and present whenever you need their support, knowledge and experience.

How long does the programme last?

ATS mentoring is a 1st year programme. Mentees can engage their Mentors at any time for the whole duration in their 1st year of studies.

What are the benefits of Mentoring to a Mentee?

  • First-hand knowledge of university life from a current student who knows exactly the concerns of incoming First Years.
  • A capable confidante with whom you can rely on and go to without any hesitation.
  • The mentoring programme is aimed to foster and encourage friendship within a Mentor group and aid in the successful integration into university life.
  • To learn more about the University and the community.
  • To build self-esteem.
  • To enhance interpersonal skills. 
  • To enhance self-motivation, self-discipline, and goal setting. 
  • To experience an atmosphere of professionalism, trust, and respect. 
  • To be more successful in one’s academic career. 
  • To lessen the stress associated with college attendance.
  • To receive guidance in academic decision making.
  • To enhance overall learning and career aspirations. 
  • To be motivated by academic success.

Can I become a Mentor?

Absolutely yes. You have a chance to share your experiences with new 1st years the following year. What you do is send an email to  and the ATS Team will get back to you with more details.


Traveller Education Officer

How do I contact the Traveller Education Officer?

The Traveller Education Officer offers support and guidance to Traveller students as they progress into higher education and throughout their time at university. In addition to managing the Mincéirs Misl'd in Education - Empowering Irish Travellers to transition and build a sense of belonging in Higher Education project.

You can make an appointment by emailing

Owen is available to Traveller students from Monday to Friday and this is a confidential service.

Disability Support Service

I have a disability, ongoing health condition, or specific learning difficulty.  How do I register for disability support? 

You can complete the Disability Support Service online registration form and one of the team will be in touch with you.

I have already registered with the Disability Support Service – how can I contact my Disability Advisor?

You can email any disability-related queries or concerns to your Disability Advisor – their details can be found at the end of your Learning and Educational Needs Summary (LENS) report. If you have difficulty reaching your Disability Advisor, you can email

I have a general question for the Disability Support Service – who should I contact?

For disability support related queries, you can email the Disability Support Service at or by phone +353 (0) 91 492813


Student Advisors

What is a Student Advisor? 

Student Advisors are available to support students throughout their time at university. Students may seek advice or guidance on a variety of matters including academic, personal, professional or financial at various stages of their education. On speaking with our Student Advisor, a student may be referred to an individual staff member or another support service for further advice, relevant to the nature of the query. It is a confidential service.

College of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences: Student Advisor

AnnMarie Gilchrist is available to students by email from Monday to Friday. You can make an appointment by emailing

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtics: Student Advisor 

Mary Cairns is available to students by email during the following hours: Monday (9 am-5 pm) and Tuesday-Thursday (9 am-1 pm).

You can make an appointment by emailing:

College of Science and Engineering: Student Advisor

Kelly Moore is available to students by email from Monday to Friday. You can make an appointment by emailing

College of Business, Public Policy and Law

Teresa Lydon -