What Career Guidance supports are available to me?

The services of the Career Development Centre are available to registered students.

Registered students can submit an online query through Careers Connectuse this option for any career queries, application, personal statement, or CV review requests, or to request an appointment with one of the team.  If you would like to book an appointment to speak with one of us we are currently offering guidance appointments in person, through Microsoft Teams, e-mail or telephone appointments.

To log in use your CASS username and password, submit your query and we'll refer you to an appointment if appropriate. https://nuig.gradireland.com/student/queries.html?execution=e1s1

To work on your CV and interview preparation, we have great resources for you to access whenever suits your schedule - AI feedback, e-learning modules, templates and booklets, and upload facility on Careers Connect to get your CV reviewed. https://nuigalwayie.sharepoint.com/sites/Careers/SitePages/CV.aspx [accessible via your NUIG Office365 account].

Appointments for application and interview queries are only available after using the resources above.

See https://nuigalwayie.sharepoint.com/sites/Careers/SitePages/Careers-information-resources.aspx for further information [accessible via your NUI Galway Office365 account

I need to talk to my placement officer, how do I get in touch?

Please contact your placement officer directly. Further placement information is available on www.nuigalway.ie/career-development-centre/workbasedlearning/   

I just have a quick question – can I drop in to Careers?

We aim to open at specific times to allow students drop in for a quick query. In the meantime send in your question using Careers Connect we’ll get back to you very quickly. Look out for specific drop-in sessions during the semester which will be advertised on Careers Connect and our social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQs and other information - we have a large selection of resources available NUI Galway students at https://nuigalwayie.sharepoint.com/sites/Careers/SitePages/Careers-information-resources.aspx [accessible via your NUIG Office365 account].

What careers events are on this semester?

Careers events will be held on campus or delivered through Zoom / MS Teams to allow as many students to attend as possible.

Full list and registration is available on Careers Connect  https://nuig.gradireland.com/student   
Events will be recorded when possible nuigalwayie.sharepoint.com/sites/Careers/SitePages/Watch-back.aspx [accessible via your NUIG Office365 account].

I’m an international student can I get help for part-time work/how to apply for graduate jobs?

Check with the Students Union and SIN regularly, also see job search page on sharepoint. [accessible via your NUIG Office365 account].

Where can I find out about the Employability Award?

An award primarily aimed at undergraduates that recognises what you have learned and the skills you have developed through work and extra-curricular activities. It enhances your degree and helps equip you with a framework for lifelong career management. The award allows the flexibility to fit the completion of the 5 required elements around your own schedule.  For further information, check out https://www.nuigalway.ie/employability/

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