University of Galway is delighted to partner with global law firm DLA Piper for the Terence O’Malley DLA Piper Scholarship. The scholarship, which is named after Terry O’Malley, Chairman Emeritus (US), will provide funding to support students in financial need studying at University of Galway School of Law. 

The Scholarship will support the successful Scholar throughout their degree to a minimum value of €7,500. The Scholarship is open to applicants who have made a formal application through the Central Applications Office for a first year place on one of the full-time undergraduate designated programmes of study in University of Galway School of Law.

  • Law (BCL),
  • Law (BCL), Criminology and Criminal Justice,
  • Law (BCL) and Human Rights,
  • Law and Business or
  • Law and Taxation

Criteria and How to Apply

The Scholar will preferably have a home address in Mayo but consideration will be given to applicants with a home address in the West of Ireland (to include all counties in Connacht plus counties Donegal and Clare). The scholarship is awarded on the financial need and academic merit of the successful applicants.

Students from the above counties will be invited to apply for this scholarship when they commence first year of one of the eligible courses listed above.

View the Terms and Conditions here: DLA Piper Terms and Conditions

Terence O’Malley DLA Piper Bursary

In addition to the scholarship, a separate annual Terence O’Malley DLA Piper bursary will be awarded to the student achieving the highest grade in the School of Law, Law and Innovation module. The Scholar will be recognised at the University’s annual awards ceremony, Lá na nGradam. 

Annual Lecture

As part of the partnership with DLA Piper, the School of Law will host an annual lecture for law students with Mr. O’Malley, who has family roots in the West of Ireland.

2021 Terence O'Malley DLA Piper Scholars


Annie Forde |   Law, Criminology & Criminal Justice Student from Co. Sligo

The Terence O’Malley DLA Piper scholarship has had a profound impact on my studies thus far. Studying Law (BCL), Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of Galway has been a highly enjoyable experience and I am grateful that DLA Piper are able to support me in my academic endeavours. Being a recipient of this wonderful scholarship means that I can pursue my academics without having a massive financial burden. Being from a working-class background should not mean that you are locked out of undertaking certain careers and I am delighted that DLA Piper is supporting those who have an interest in the legal field. The study of law is an equally challenging and interesting career path of which I am excited to delve into in the coming years with DLA Piper’s support. This scholarship has had a positive impact on my life and I hope that in my future legal career that I can make a positive change in people’s lives. Once again, I am ever so thankful for the philanthropy and generosity of DLA piper.

Joan Ighile |   Law, Criminology & Criminal Justice Student from Co. Sligo

Receiving the Terence O'Malley DLA Piper Scholarship has had an immense impact on my University experience. Not only has it alleviated the financial burden of third level education, but it has also recognised the hard work that I have put into my academic studies throughout the years. This scholarship has given me the acknowledgement and validation that the countless hours of dedication I put in have paid off. This scholarship in partnership with DLA Piper has given me the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy my study of Law (BCL), Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of Galway with lessened financial stress. I am immensely proud of being a recipient and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity DLA Piper has given me. It is not only a recognition and validation of my past achievements, but an investment in my future. It has been a great support to me, and I’d like to thank DLA Piper for their great generosity in continuing to support Irish students pursuing a career in Law.


2020 Terence O'Malley DLA Piper Scholars


Ava Cullinan |   Law (BCL) Student from Co. Clare

The Terence O'Malley DLA Piper Scholarship has had a significant impact on my third level education and experience. It has allowed me to focus on attaining my degree in Law at University of Galway without any financial strain or burden. In this regard, the scholarship in partnership with DLA Piper plays a central role in breaking down the barriers associated with accessing the legal profession in Ireland. In terms of my professional aspirations, I hope to become a solicitor. Studying Law at NUI Galway was one of the most important steps I took in accomplishing this goal. Having received this scholarship, the financial burden I carry throughout my journey to become a solicitor has greatly lessened. This scholarship will support many students as they pursue their studies in law. I am extremely proud to be a recipient of the Terence O'Malley DLA Piper Scholarship. I believe that a disadvantaged background should not hinder me from accessing my full potential, and it is in this regard that I cannot understate the importance and impact of the scholarship on both my personal and professional aspirations.

Emily Donnellan |   Law, Criminology & Criminal Justice Student from Co. Galway

I've been fortunate enough to be one of the first recipients of the Terrence O'Malley DLA Piper Scholarship at NUI Galway School of Law. It has been fantastic studying the Law (BCL), Criminology and Criminal Justice course at NUI Galway so far and the scholarship has been a real help to me during my studies. I have always had a keen interest in English and History, and I feel that studying Law has been an exciting and challenging amalgam of the two disciplines. Going forward, I hope to represent and advocate for people in the Justice system and make a positive difference in my career. I am grateful for the opportunity and the sense of relief the scholarship has provided me with while I pursue my strong interest in the law. I would highly recommend eligible students studying Law at NUI Galway to apply for the Terrence O'Malley DLA Piper Scholarship. It has been a great support to me, and I am thankful to DLA Piper for their great generosity and patronage in supporting students to pursue a career in Law.