Launch of New Postgraduate Law Programmes

Dr.Charles O'Mahony, Head of the School of Law and Dr Connie Healy, Programme Director and Dr Thomas Courtney, Adjunct Professor at NUI Galway
Jan 11 2018 Posted: 09:59 GMT

The School of Law officially launched two new postgraduate programmes on Wednesday, February 7, 2018:  LLM (International & Comparative Business Law) & LLM (General). The launch will take place in the O'Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance.

The School was also delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Thomas Courtney as Adjunct Professor. Professor Courtney is a graduate of NUI Galway, Chairman of the Company Law Review Group, Head of Compliance and Governance Practice at Arthur Cox Solicitors and was the driving force behind the Companies Act 2014.
Dr Connie Healy, Programme Director of the Masters in International and Comparative Business Law and LL.M General said: "The appointment of Professor Courtney is doubly significant. Firstly, in recognising Professor Courtney's outstanding contribution to the field of Company/Business law and secondly, and importantly for all students considering a Masters in International and Comparative Law at NUI Galway, Professor Courtney's ongoing links with the School of Law means they will benefit from his expertise during small group seminars undertaken as part of their Master's degree. This, together with the opportunity to compete for five commercial legal placements and to engage in skills-based modules enhancing employability, are just some of the unique and outstanding features of the masters in International and Comparative Business Law at NUI Galway."
To coincide with his appointment, Professor Courtney delivered a lecture to students and members of the Galway Solicitors Bar Association entitled: "Effective security for corporate obligations: the creation and registration of company charges."

Launch of New Postgraduate Law Programmes

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