A baseline survey towards UNESCO World Heritage status for Sligo Passage Tomb landscape 

An extensive baseline field-survey of close-to one hundred passage tombs in Co. Sligo has just been published by The Sligo Neolithic Landscapes Group.
The survey was completed as part of a bid to place The Passage Tomb Landscape of County Sligo on Ireland’s list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 
The aim with the survey is to create a baseline resource regarding the state of conservation of each passage tomb in its context, and to thereby assist in developing management, conservation, and presentation policies for the passage tomb landscape of Sligo.
Through extensive fieldwork, focused on current conservation and management issues related to each individual monument as well as their landscape context, a detailed record has been established for the entire group of monuments.
The publication is the first time that this extraordinary collection of Neolithic monuments, including an extensive photographic record, has been presented in a single volume.
The survey was undertaken by Dr Stefan Bergh (PI, NUI Galway), Dr Fiona Gallagher, Dr Robert Hensey and Padraig Meehan. GIS work was undertaken by Dr Noel McCarty (NUI Galway) and drone imagery was captured by Dr Paul Neassens, Western Aerial Survey.
The survey was primarily funded through The Heritage Council’s Heritage Sector Support Fund 2021, with additional generous support from Sligo County Council and NUI Galway.  

Book cover of 'A baseline survey of the Passage tombs of county Sligo 2021'

 Queen Maeve's Tomb, Knocknarea, Sligo - Photo. Ken Williams

Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage: gov.ie, press-release

'The Passage Tomb Landscape of County Sligo was recently endorsed by Minister Noonan, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, as a tentative World Heritage Site.'


Sligo Weekender  21 July 2022

“Momentus day” as Sligo’s Passage Tomb Landscape included on World Heritage Tentative list for Ireland


More details can be found on the Sligo Neolithic Landscapes website.