BA (Joint-Honours)

Poulnabrone Field-Class

We offer Archaeology at undergraduate level as part of a BA (Joint-Honours) degree.  Visit NUI Galway's Courses Page for information on how to apply, entry requirements and assessment.

No previous knowledge is required to take Archaeology as a subject for the BA (Joint-Honours). The first year archaeology course involves four lectures per week and some tutorials. It is a general introduction to the subject covering important aspects of both Irish and European archaeology, as well as exploring the practice of archaeology.

First Arts students choose three subjects from a series of subject groupings and then specialise in two of their chosen subjects in the second and third years of their undergraduate programme. While there are logical subject combinations (e.g. archaeology-history; archaeology-geography), you may be assured that whatever combination of subjects you choose to study, a BA Degree will provide you with interpretative, analytical and communication skills of particular value in a wide range of career paths.

The coming together of teaching and research makes archaeology at university a unique experience: we don’t just impart knowledge, we create it. Exciting discoveries by researchers in Galway about the lifestyles of the earliest farming communities, geophysics at the great royal sites like Tara, and the art and architecture of the medieval world, add an extra dimension to the teaching programme and ensure that students are exposed to cutting-edge research.

Information for Visiting International and Erasmus Students 

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