Classics in Final Year Arts 2022–23

For full details, consult the Classics Student Handbook available on our Undergraduate Classics page.

Choosing your modules

All Final Year Ancient Classics students take 30 ECTS credits (6 modules) over the year.

In each semester, one module is informally designated as the core module, and most students include this as part of their selection.

We recommend that every Ancient Classics student take at least one beginners’ language module during their studies. The most appropriate option for students starting ancient languages is CC230 Beginning Latin 1 in semester one. Other options are listed below. The final-year co-ordinator or any member of academic staff will be happy to discuss any questions you might have.

There is a limited number of places in CCS303.II Special Project in Classics, which is designed for students who wish to conduct an independent research project during semester two. If you are interested in pursuing such a project, please speak to a member of staff with whom you would like to work, ideally before the start of the academic year. See the module description in the Student Handbook for further details.

Interdisciplinary options

Where possible, suitable modules from Celtic Civilisation are made available to Ancient Classics students and can be taken as optionals. For more information, see below.

Timetable clashes

You should check your timetable to make sure that the modules you choose are not scheduled at the same time. We have pointed out any clashes within the Ancient Classics programme, but we cannot predict clashes between Ancient Classics modules and optional modules in other subjects, though we have made every effort to minimise this happening.

3/4BA semester one course structure

Core module

CC3108    Ancient Rhetoric

Options in literature, history and material culture

CC316    Barbarians

CC3102    Studying Greek Figured Pottery

Language options

CC230    Beginning Latin 1

CCS205    Ancient Greek for Beginners 1

CCS315    Intermediate Latin 1 (after one year of study)

CC3103    Intermediate Ancient Greek Part One (after one year of study)

CCS311    Advanced Classical and Medieval Latin 1 (after two years of study)

Interdisciplinary option

SG3100    The Cultural Impact of Christianity

Timetable clashes: CC3102 cannot be taken with CCS205.

3/4BA semester two course structure

Core module

CC3100    Pompeii

Options in literature, history and material culture

CCS306    Iconography: The Classical Tradition in Western Art

CCS307    Ireland and the Ancient World

CCS303.II Special Research Project in Classics

Language options

CC232    Beginning Latin 2 (continuing from CC230)

CCS206    Ancient Greek for Beginners 2 (continuing from CCS205)

CCS316    Intermediate Latin 2 (continuing from CCS315)

CC3104    Intermediate Ancient Greek Part Two (continuing from CC3103)

CC321 Latin Texts from Medieval Ireland and Britain (advanced; after two years of study)

Timetable clashes: CC3100 cannot be taken with CCS316 or CCS306 with CC232.