NUI Galway (“the University”) obtains, processes, collects, keeps, uses, discloses (where permissible by law), and retains Personal Data and/or Special Categories of Personal Data (both as defined below) regarding its staff, students,research project participants, service users and other individuals who come in contact with, avail of the services of or engage in business with the University. The purpose of processing Personal Data and Special Categories of Personal Data include but are not limited to fulfilling the University’s functions and obligations under University Charter, the Universities Act 1997, University Statutes and Regulations, University policies and procedures, the provision of educational courses and support services to students and staff, assessment of student engagement,  the organisation and administration of courses, undertaking of research activities, the recruitment and employment of staff, compliance with statutory obligations, reporting to Government and regulatory bodies, the provision of commercial activities, the management of financial affairs, the provision of information solutions and services, the provision of library services, advertising and promoting the University, publishing University and alumni publications, and undertaking fundraising by or on behalf of the University. The University also processes personal information through CCTV systems that monitor and collect visual images for the purposes of research, security and the prevention and detection of crime and offences.

The University acknowledges that the processing of Personal Data and Special Categories of Personal Data must meet the requirements of applicable Irish and European data protection legislation.  Data Protection is the safeguarding of the privacy rights of individuals in relation to the processing of Personal and Special Categories of Personal Data. The Act and the GDPR confer rights on individuals as well as responsibilities on persons and organisations processing personal data.  Data protection is also an important part of the University’s overall information security practices. All Personal Data and Special Categories of Personal Data must be handled safely and securely according to agreed University policy. It is required that staff and any person processing Personal Data or Special Categories of Personal Data on behalf of the University process such data in accordance with University policy and applicable law.

Notices to staff and students as to how the University processes Personal Data are available at:

1. NUI Galway Staff Notice: Staff Notice regarding Personal Data Collection

2. NUI Galway Student Data Usage Policy: QA412 Student Data Usage Policy

3. Research Project Participant Notice: Research Project Participant Notice

Privacy Notice for Recording of lectures

Privacy Notice for Recording of Lectures