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Welcome to the University of Galway Disability Support Service  

The Disability Support Service is available to University of Galway students who need supports or reasonable accommodations due to the impact of a disability, ongoing physical or mental health condition, or a specific learning difficulty. 

Incoming first-year students and students from subsequent years who are continuing with their studies and not already registered are welcome to register for disability support. We recommend you do so as soon as possible after starting your course or receiving a diagnosis.

To register for disability support, please click on the “Register with DSS” link below.


Why register for disability support?  

We promote inclusive practices throughout the campus community and we are committed to the provision of an equitable learning environment that will enable you to become an independent learner and highly skilled graduate.

Students with a disability are entitled, under law, to reasonable accommodations to enable them to participate on more equal terms with their peers. Supports and reasonable accommodations are determined through an individual needs assessment, taking into account the nature and impact of the disability, evidence of disability, and course requirements. 

Below is a list of the most recommended reasonable accommodations. This list is not exhaustive, and it is important to note that not all students will be eligible for all accommodations.   

  • Advice, Support and Advocacy  
  • Exam Accommodations
  • In-class Accommodations
  • Learning /Skills Support
  • Assistive Technology
  • Placement Support
  • Other Specialised Supports