The Examinations Office is responsible for the central administration of University exams including computer-based exams.

What is the service?  

  • The Examinations Office manages computer-based examinations following the standard process outlined below:  
  • The Examinations Office schedules computer-based exams based on the Syllabus File return i.e. computer-based must be specified as the assessment type.
  • PC Suite venues are booked for the exam.
  • Large classes are split into separate venues.
  • All exam candidates use exam computer accounts to login for the exam.
  • Answerbooks are not provided for roughwork unless specifically requested by the examiner in advance.
  • Students with Temporary Special Needs take their computer-based exams in the same venue(s) as other students in their class unless otherwise informed by the Disability Support Service. 

 Not Permitted at the Exam

  • Use of any login credentials other than those provided by the invigilator(s) on exam day.
  • Use of non-permitted software via USB, or any other external storage.  
  • Candidates are not allowed store any data locally, during or prior to the start of the exam.
  • Candidates are not permitted to use web browsers or any other software that will allow access to internet/intranet. 

At the Venue

  • Invigilators will be at the venue at least 30 minutes in advance of the exam. Anyone in the venue will be asked to leave so that the invigilators can prepare for the exam.
  • On entering the room, candidates will be given exam login credentials (username and password) to login to the computer by the invigilator. 
  • All computers are set up to provide candidates with appropriate software (as specified by the lecturer at the time of the PC Suite exam booking) for the purpose of completing exam. 
  • Candidates can start their exam once they are given permission to do so by the invigilator.
  • It is expected that the module co-ordinator/leader or lecturer will be available on-site for the exam to respond to student queries.
  • If there is a delay due to set-up of equipment or other technical difficulty, extra time will be given at the end of exam. 

Services Not Provided

The Examinations Office does not provide the following services for computer-based exams:

  • Technical support is provided by ISS.  Details of exam support available on the ISS website.  Please note that the invigilator is there in a supervisory capacity only.  Candidates should alert an invigilator if technical assistance is required and support will then be requested from ISS.  
  • Technical instructions will not be announced at the exam and the module co-ordinator/leader or lecturer must ensure that candidates have specific instructions prior to the exam and/or provide instructions on-screen as part of the computer-based exam.
  • The invigilator will not assist candidates with login to the computer. Candidates are advised to login with credentials (username and password) provided by the invigilator as soon as possible due to the time delay for the computer to load all settings.
  • The invigilator cannot assist candidates in saving their answers. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that their answer document is saved correctly (saved to a destination and document is given a title, as outlined by Lecturer).  This should be done at start of exam, but also continuing to save during exam, and when exam is completed.
  • The invigilator cannot assist candidates to print their answers. If printed material is to be submitted at the end of the exam, the onus is on the candidate to check the print version before submitting it to the invigilator. The Examinations Office would like to make examiners aware that a requirement to submit printed material has proved problematic at computer-based exams in the past. One reason is that students must login at the printer to release the print job.

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