The organisation of in-house examinations is the responsibility of the relevant Discipline/School.  
The Examinations Office provides limited support for in-house exams.

What is the service?  

The Examinations Office provides the following supports to the Discipline/School for in-house examinations:

  • In-House 8-page Examination Answer Books.  
    Note: Only 8-page answer books are provided for in-house examinations. 

  • Standard Graph Paper.   

  • Advice on Examination Regulations and Procedures - available from the Examinations Office website.

Prerequisites required for the service

  • Requests for examination materials should be made by email at least five working days in advance of the in-house examination, clearly stating quantities and materials required.  Please contact the Exams Office.
  • The materials must be collected from the Examinations Office.

Services Not Provided

The Examinations Office does not provide any other services for in-house exams, such as:

  • Timetable for in-house exams
  • Notification to students
  • Printing/photocopying of exam papers
  • Invigilator Details  - names and details of experienced invigilators/scribes available from UniJobs
  • Scheduling or payment of invigilators/scribes
  • Exam supports as outlined in the Learning & Educational Needs Summary (LENS) report
  • Venue booking
  • Signature Rolls / Seating Charts / Attendance Sheets
  • Non-standard Graph Paper
  • Log Tables
  • MCQ Sheets 

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