How do I log in to Financial System?

Why can't I log in?

I have forgotten my username/password - where can I find them?

Your Financial System username is your 6 digit staff/payroll number. This username differs from your Campus Account username, as you will need to remove the leading zero and the letter s -  e.g. 0012345s becomes 012345. Once you have been given a Financial System account under your ID number, this does not change.

If you are unsure of or have forgotten your Financial System password, you can request a new one. This can be done from the Financial System login screen by clicking "Forgotten your password?".

I have my account information but I can't log in?

  • Ensure that you are entering the correct username, it is a 6 digit number without an S at the end.
  • You must enter U1 as the client.
  • The password field is case sensitive, so check if your CAPS-lock is on.
  • If you need to reset your password, then click the link "Forgotten your password?"

I've logged in but I can't see my budgets when I run a report?

The Budget Holder should contact the Service Desk, authorising your access to a list of the budgets and also providing your employee number.  Once the Service Desk has given you access, they will contact you within three working days confirming your access level to the budgets.

How to clear the cache in Financial System

  1. Log in to Financial System
  2. Navigate to the top-right menu where the User ID is displayed. In this example, the User ID is 123456.
    Click on the arrow to the right of the ID number and from the options presented select About Unit4 Business World.

  3.  In the popup window that appears, click Clear the Cache.
  4. Click OK to complete.
  5. Log off and log back on to Financial System

I need some data that  I can't find using the Global Web Reports - where can I get this?

  • You should log a ticket on the Service Desk Ticketing System, detailing the type of information you are trying to extract.
  • The Service Desk will route the request to the relevant resource in Financial, Management or Research Accounting who govern the control of Global reports. They will determine the suitability of creating a new global report.
  • All requisitions that fall outside of predetermined bands require approval.
  • If your manager does not use Financial System, they must nominate a delegate that has a Financial System account, and can authorise requisitions on their behalf.
  • The request to set up a delegate must be sent to and copied to your Line Manager, and Budget Holder.

Why am I not receiving Financial System notification emails?

It is most likely that you are not receiving these emails because they are being blocked by your email account. This can be fixed by adding as a "Safe Sender".

Where can I get assistance/support?

Review your open commitments to ensure there are no open/rejected requisitions, purchase orders or expense claims that are no longer valid.

Contact your College Management Team (including College Finance Managers) to request the budget be increased to accommodate the overspend.

What browser should I use?

Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.  If you wish to use Google Chrome, you should clear the browser cache and enable pop-ups.

I started to work in the Financial System, but I was interrupted and when I got back to my screen the system had timed out. Why?

For security purposes, the system has a built-in auto log-off facility where if there is no activity for a period of time the system will automatically time out.

How long before I get timed out on the Financial System?

The timeout for the Financial System is 20 minutes from the time of logging in.

Can I use the Back button on the Financial System?

Using the Back button in the internet browser causes errors. If you use the Back button in the internet browser whilst you work in the Financial System you will get a 'Page has expired' message.

Can I view invoices when connected to the WiFi network on campus or when I am working from home?

  1. Standard invoices can be viewed on campus and remotely.

  2. P2P Invoices for Club Travel, CPL, ICE, and the campus catering suppliers can only be viewed from on-campus devices connected to the wired network. This is due to a security restriction applied by the Marketplace provider (Proactis) whose systems in the UK only allow University of Galway IP addresses to view the P2P invoices.

Please check the following:

(i) Ensure you are on the campus wired network

(ii) Ensure your browser has popups disabled for Agresso

(iii) Some browsers require you to click the chevron top left of the invoice image to "Show Document"

How can I view my workflow tasks? 

 Tasks are located on the top right-hand corner of the screen once you log in.