Year 1 and 2

Clinical Methods and Communication Module

Clinical Methods (CM) is a component of Professionalism, which is delivered to first and second year medical students. Clinical methods focuses on communication skills and clinical skills related to early patient contact. Both of these skill groups are introduced to set the foundation for training of the medical student and their contact with patients. These skills are then developed throughout the medical student’s undergraduate training.

Clinical Methods is delivered through a series of lectures. This is then followed by practical workshops based on small group teaching, in which the students get to apply the knowledge learned in the lectures.  This small group teaching includes both role-playing, video-analysis and simulations, which is led by individual tutors.  Important to the development of this module is student feedback. The summative assessment of this module includes an end of term MCQ and OSCE.


Clinical Methods - Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the role of communication skills in the doctor-patient relationship and the importance of establishing rapport with patients
  2. Describe the basic communication skill tasks of patient-centred consultation, based on the Calgary-Cambridge approach
  3. Define verbal and non verbal communication, explain what active listening means
  4. Shows an awareness of a code of appropriate professional conduct to guide their interactions with patients and colleagues including the consultation and patient confidentiality; seek patient consent for procedures and doctor-patient relationships