A PhD is a piece of comprehensive, independent research undertaken by an advanced post-graduate student under the guidance of an academic supervisor. A PhD is a major undertaking; prospective students should be able to demonstrate the interest, commitment and ability to add to knowledge in their chosen field.  In addition to regular meetings with a primary supervisor, each PhD students is assigned to a supervisory Graduate Research Committee that they meet with at least once per year.

The Centre for Global Women’s Studies is committed to supporting gender-focused and feminist research across a range of issues and disciplines within the School of Political Science and Sociology. Research in this area investigates the operation of gendered power relations, gender inequalities, changing notions of gender identity, and the challenges of achieving women's empowerment in Ireland and beyond in a context of globalisation.

Admission to a doctoral programme in Global Women's Studies is based on a proposal from the applicant (via www.pac.ie) after an initial discussion with a potential supervisor to ascertain suitability of the proposed project and availability of the supervisor. Candidates for the PhD usually hold a Master's degree in a related discipline. Applicants holding equivalent qualifications and/or relevant experience will also be considered.

Amie PhD student Global Women's Studies    

"My experience applying to the PhD programme and PhD Student Support" Amie Lajoie, PhD Student


Under the umbrella of the School of Political Science and Sociology, Global Women's Studies offers two Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) tracks:

To learn more about potential supervisors in the Centre for Global Women’s Studies and their current research, see PEOPLE.

For information on all structured PhD programmes with the School, see the School of Sociology and Political Science.

For full details on undertaking PhD research at NUI Galway, visit Graduate Studies.