Past Public Letures

The case for farmer cooperation: lessons from India and Europe

The Rise in the Cost of Living: a crisis of social reproduction

Sustainable Agriculture: Addressing Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity in Africa

Book Launch: Irish Women’s Prison Writing: Mother Ireland’s Rebels, 2010

Taking Stock of the Violence Against Women Movement: Where are we? What is the Future?

Discipline of Gender and Women’s Studies, International Women's Day Webinar

Nata Duvvury: Health workers and extending working life policy in Ireland: evidence from the DAISIE project

Violence Against Women and Girls and the Sustainable Development Goals

Kate Nash: Women's rights, distant suffering and neo-imperialism

Sylvia Walby: Preventing gender based violence against women: Can this be mainstreamed?

Senator Katherine Zappone: Moving Beyond a Politics of Shame: Marriage Equality, Gender Recognition and the New Embrace of Humanity

Caroline Bettinger Lopez: Bringing human rights home: Strategies to fight domestic violence and other gender-based violations

Aisha Gill: “Traditional Harmful Practices” - A Critical Human Rights View

Diane Elson: Workshop of Gender Analysis of Government Budgets

Inez McCormack: Women, Power and Powerlessness

Naomi Goldenberg: Gender and the Vestigial State of Religion

Nira Yuval Davis: Intersectionality in Transversal Politics

Naila Kabeer: Marriage, motherhood and masculinity in the global economy: A crisis in social reproduction