28th Annual IAFFE Conference Panel

Jul 25 2019 Posted: 13:09 IST

28th Annual IAFFE Conference Panel

Glasgow Caledonian University

Persistent Inequality: Economic and Social Impacts of Violence Against Women and Girls

June 28th 13:50 to 15:40       


 Violence against women and girls (VAWG), a fundamental human rights violation, is a primary manifestation of gender inequality and is also linked to other axis of inequality such as class, race, and ethnicity. Equally violence against women as a result of its economic and social impacts can further strengthen inequality driving women and families further into poverty and social isolation. In this panel session, new evidence on the economic and social impacts of violence against women and girls is presented to illuminate this cyclical interaction between violence and inequality. Drawing on a multi-country study on the economic and social costs of violence against women funded by the UK Department for International Development as part of its flagship What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls, Research and Innovation Programme, the papers in this session discuss the multiple economic outcomes of violence against women and girls. In particular the session will have a minimum of four papers exploring the macroeconomic implications of VAWG, the specific consequences for businesses, the social impact on social capital and community fragility and the social burden of  VAWG related stigma and isolation. Overall the session will contribute to the discussion of violence against women as an issue central to both economic security and overall wellbeing of women and their households, communities and society at large.

Papers in the Session:


  • Raghavendra, S., Kim, K., and Duvvury, N. The Macroeconomic Loss of Violence Against Women and Girls: The Case of Ghana and Pakist
  • Mrinal, C., Asante, F., Ghaus, K. and Elmusharaf, K.  Costs of Violence Against Women and Girls to Businesses: Exploratory Findings from Ghana, Pakistan and South Sudan
  • Sabir, S., and Raghavendra, S. Social Fragility and Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Ballantine, C. and Scriver, S. Stigma and Violence
  • Vara Horna, A., Duvvury, N., and Chadha, M. Measuring Productivity Loss due to Intimate Parnter Violence