Discipline of Gender and Women’s Studies; Gender Net Plus MIG-GBV concluding event, celebrating Nelson Mandela Week

Feb 23 2024 Posted: 08:39 GMT

Roundtable: Engaging with media and challenging gender-based violence: foregrounding migrant women's perspectives

And launch of:  Stories of Migrant Women in Ireland: Surviving Gender-based Violence  - a collection of first-person accounts by participants in the EU/IRC Gender Net Plus MIG-GBV research project (2019-2023)

Chair: Susan McKay, Press Ombudsman

Roundtable speakers:

  • Dr Salome Mbugua CEO, AkiDwA, the national network of migrant women

  • Shamim Malekmian, Journalist, Dublin Inquirer

  • Emma DeSouza, Writer, campaigner and Co-facilitator, Northern Ireland Civic Initiative

  • Dr Nasrin Khandoker, CyberSocial Research Lab, UCC, previously MIG-GBV postdoctoral researcher