Gender ARC launches postgraduate reading group

Feb 29 2016 Posted: 12:47 GMT

On the 3 February 2016, Gender ARC supported by the Centre for Global Women’s Studies hosted the first meeting of a new postgraduate reading group in feminist and queer theory. 12 students from various degree programmes and several disciplines took part in this preliminary group meeting, which is open to all postgraduate students in the University. Members of the first meeting group discussed a chapter of Simone de Beauvoir’s famous The Second Sex (1952) and some introductory themes from critical feminist/gender and queer perspectives.  The group is coordinated by third year Global Women’s Studies PhD student Amie Lajoie, who also serves as the current Gender ARC Research Associate.

The group will continue meeting every 2-3 weeks to discuss a single specific piece of work from this field of academic inquiry, with the readings being chosen and agreed upon collectively at each meeting for the following session. The overall objective of this group is to facilitate an environment where interested students (with or without prior knowledge of these themes) can come together and discuss certain influential works from a variety of feminist literature in a relaxed, open and friendly atmosphere. This group is on going and anyone and everyone with interest in these subjects is encouraged to take part!  To learn more about the group or to come to the next meeting, email Amie at

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