Has Women’s Leadership Been Lost? Reflections 25 years post Beijing in the midst of a global pandemic

Sep 03 2020 Posted: 13:09 IST


When: Tuesday 8 September; 2pm - 3pm (Irish GMT)

Registration: Register in advance here.  

This webinar hosts this webinar with speakers providing insights across the global north and south. Speakers will discuss women’s role in leading the COVID-19 response from local to national levels, consider to what extent women’s specific needs have been addressed while identifying challenges for women’s leadership in COVID-19 mitigation & recovery planning and future development.

The Gender Studies Group of DSAI and The Centre for Global Women’s Studies (NUIG) are pleased to host guest speakers:

  • Francesca Rhodes, Care International
  • Vanita Mukherjee, DAWN


2020 was earmarked as the 25th anniversary of the historic Beijing meeting on women’s rights and participation, however the COVID19 global pandemic has impacted on these on an unprecedented scale. The pandemic has brought into sharp relief the questions around the actual progress that has been made since Beijing. Two issues have particularly come to the fore – women’s leadership in decision-making and continued violence against women, in particular domestic violence, as a daily feature of women’s lives.

There is an emerging discussion in Europe and across the Global South that women are mostly absent in decision making in the COVID-19 response. It is an opportune time to discuss the consequences of this lack of women’s leadership as countries move to develop COVID-19 mitigation and recovery plans. In particular what are the key policies needed to address the specific challenges women face in terms of greater insecurity of employment, pay gap, lack of childcare, GBV and rights erosion.