Library Exhibition

May 26 2016 Posted: 13:09 IST

In March 2016, historian and university faculty member Mary Clancy from The Centre for Global Women’s Studies, along with students from the MA module historical perspectives, helped curate an exhibition which illuminated the past stories of women from the University. Drawing on the library resources, the exhibition aimed to highlight the lives of women graduates since the late 19th century. This was achieved in association with staff of the library, post-graduate student support and translation services. The importance of retelling stories of women from the past, and keeping their memory alive and visible in the university is of particular importance to all involved in women’s and gender studies. Mary Clancy, said of the project, that ‘The exhibition was an important way to situate past effort and to draw upon readily available local materials. Visibility is sometimes a necessary first step in leading to analysis about roles in the past. Exhibitions such as this will help to expand knowledge, to complicate stories and contexts and to raise research questions’. This historical and cultural exhibition was held in the foyer of The James Hardiman Library and was very well received by staff, students and visitors to the university, with future collaborative projects pending.