Graduate Studies Form for Modules attached to Structured PhD and/or Research Masters Programmes


Graduate Research Information Skills

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Open to all new entrant structured PhD candidates

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This module aims to enable students to develop and acquire a range of generic research skills and gain an understanding of their practical application to the research process, in order to help them successfully complete fourth level research.

The module will be delivered in the 1st semester and delivery will incorporate a blended learning approach including participant attendance at face-to-face workshops and the use of supporting online courseware available via Canvas.

By the end of this module, the student is expected to be able to:

  • Reflect on how to identify, access and critically evaluate appropriate information resources relevant to their discipline
  • Demonstrate the use of practical skills in the effective management of their research information
  • Reflect on ways to keep up-to-date with new information quickly and conveniently
  • Understand the scholarly communications and publications processes with a view to informing their publication strategy.

Workload:                                           100 hours

Class Contacts

6-9 hours of which a minimum of 3 hours will be in the form of a face-to-face workshop and the remaining hours selected from either face-to-face or online.

Workshop (other forms of educational activity) 

Required attendance at a minimum of two workshops.

View details of our scheduled workshops on EventBrite. This list is updated regularly with new events

Specified Assignment(s)




Aligned to the student’s PhD research topic, students will be required to:

  • Maintain a reflective blog/journal recording the units taken and what was derived from each.  The blog can also be used as a tool for outlining and tracking the processes and methods used to plan their literature review.
  • Students must also submit an assignment at the end of Year 1 as follows:
    • a literature review strategy which outlines the best practice processes and techniques which the student has employed, including key sources and relevant search strategies
    • a list of formatted references demonstrating effective use of bibliographic management software

The submitted assignment will be assessed by the module owner

Autonomous Student Learning

(please specify)

  • Work on submitted assignment
  • Online tutorials on research skills, both generic and specific, on Canvas.
  • Private reflective blog on Canvas recording  progress through the module, detailing workshops/online modules taken and what they gained from each.




% of marks



Reflective blog entries



Pass / Fail

This module is graded on a Pass / Fail basis with students required to successfully complete the assignment and short reflective journal entries.