Check out the Postgraduate Research Mentoring Programme and get in touch if you wish to take part (not on offer for 2023/24)

Check out the Research Development Centre (RDC) at Researcher Development Centre - University of Galway for upcoming workshops and events. The RDC is an initiative of the offices of the VPR and Graduate Studies to support the continuing professional development of all our researchers, from Postgraduate to Senior Fellows, at the University of Galway.

GS Modules

  • Supervisor approval is required for all modules (except GS506 - Teaching and Learning).
  • Check that the module/s are available to take under your structured research programme.
  • Each module can only be taken for credit once. 
  • Please click on module codes for module description. 
  • Canvas is not used for most of the GS modules. In these cases, contact module owner or student supervisor for further information.

GS modules assessed by supervisor

Module Code Title ECTS
GS501 Seminar Programme or Conference Participation 5
GS502 Participation in Journal Club Programme 5
GS505 Graduate Research Skills 5
GS508 Formulating a Research Project Proposal 5
GS509 Participation in Workshops/Courses 5
GS5103 Conference Organisation 5
GS5107 Work-based Placement 1 5
GS5108 Work-based Placement 2 10
GS5109 Work-based Placement 3  15
GS511 Research Placement 1 5
GS513 Research Placement 2 10
GS514 Research Placement 3 15
GS515 Research Paper Publication 5
GS526 Oral/Poster communication  5
GS527 Clinical Skill Development 1 5
GS528 Clinical Skill Development 2 5
GS529 Clinical Skill Development 3 5
GS532 Introduction to Psychopharmacology (BAP) 5
GS536 Communication & Outreach 5

  GS modules (with module owners)

Contact Person Module 
Title ECTS

GS506 Teaching & Learning 5 GS507    Statistical Methods for Research (Available to Structured PhD/MD students for credit in the first instance due to limited places) 5 GS5104
Intensive Writing Workshop
(You must contact Rachel before registering for this module). 


In order to meet GRC annual review requirements (noted in form GS 030 approved March 2024) you can complete the online research integrity training available (0 ECT).
Details are available on the Research office webpage here. Any queries on the online training please contact

Research Integrity‌
5 GS5112 Idea to impact bootcamp - Design thinking training programme 5 GS5113 Innovation Impact Accelerator 5 GS525 Laboratory Animal Science Training (LAST) Ireland course 5  GS530 Graduate Research Information Skills  5
GS535 Induction & Professional Development (College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies only) 5