How To Upload Staff Profile Photo To Core Portal

First go to Core Portal.

Log into your Core Portal page using Microsoft MFA.

Once logged in, click on the small profile photo in top right hand corner to bring up the menu. 

In the menu options choose "Upload My Photo"

Press the upload arrow on the popup box to upload a photo from your local device. Press "OK" when finished. 

The photos that are upload must follow the below guidelines to ensure that they upload correctly and will display on the system. 

Photo Guidelines


96 KB or less


BMP, TIF, JPG, PIC, GIF or PCX format

File Name

15 characters or less, cannot contain (  )  "  '  :  ;  @ in the file name

Aspect Ratio*

140 px X 160 px

*Aspect Ratio - this is important to change to ensure that photos upload correctly and that photos will print on Staff ID cards correctly. The below website will allow you to upload a photo and resize it.