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How to stay connected socially

Making sure to say connected with friends, family and colleagues is important for social wellbeing. These tips outlined below are even more important when transitioning to remote working.

Connect Virtually

Making sure you stay connected with colleagues, friends and family can ease feelings of loneliness. Social media, video chat platforms, and telephone calls can all be used to keep in touch with others during social distancing or remote working. 

Help A Neighbour

Running an errand for a neighbour not only helps them but will also make you feel more connected to your community. Make sure to take extra precautions when coming into contact with others.

Stay Positive

Focusing on the altruistic reasons for social distancing or remote working can help mitigate feelings of anxiety or stress. By social distancing, you are helping protect yourself or others. By working remotely you can manage your own time more freely, spend more time with family and save time on commutes. 

More information on social wellbeing can be found at the below link