Recruitment of Named Researchers on Grant/Personal Awards.

When Individuals are named in grant awards or when a person has achieved a personal award such as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie or IRC, ERC award HR will issue an employment contract tied to the individual grant/award. 

Examples are;

  • The researcher is a co-applicant on award,
  • The researcher wrote a large piece of the grant/research,
  • The researcher has a specific expertise required for successful delivery of the project.

NB: it is expected that the named individual will be at a minimum of postdoctoral research level.


1. To recruit an individual explicitly named on a personal award please forward the following to

    • Curriculum vitae of proposed new employee
    • A copy of grant award/Letter of offer (funding agency)
    • A brief list of duties
    • Confirmed project name/title.
    • Confirmation that the PI has checked references and qualifications, and is satisfied to recruit the named individual.
    • Confirmation that the candidate is residing in the Republic of Ireland and will perform their duties on campus or remotely through a hybrid arrangement which is agreed with their line manager
    • Verification if the role requires Garda vetting

If this is an international/industry partner award the PI must confirm;

    • Industry fellowship/global site name and address.
    • Dates the researcher will be based in the partner site
    • Name of the researchers Mentor in the partner site

2. Open Research Account/Cost Centre:

  • Once you received notification of a successful award please notify the Research Office Pre-Award team research support officer that you dealt with at the time of application and they will guide you through the next steps. 
  • The research account associate with your award will be setup by the Research Office Post Award Team.  This will happen when the required legal documentation relating to the award has been signed.  The Research Office Pre Award Team will direct you. 
  • You can find contact details for the Research Office National and International Pre-Award teams and the Post-Award Teams at Research Office Team.

3. Post Funding Approval:

  • Please submit a completed Post Proposal Form * to the Research Accounts Office (The RAO will forward to HR once approved).
  • Please note for Marie Curie Awards, a Marie Curie ppf must be requested from the Research Accounts Office for approval. 

NB:  Recruiting different nationalities.  Although difficult to generalise it would be necessary to allow the following notice periods to HR when recruiting staff;

  • Irish Citizens            1 month
  • EU Citizens               2 months
  • Non-EEA Citizens      3 months