Before you submit a request to HR, please note: 

  • Researcher Level: Ensure the duties/competencies in your advertisement aligns to the relevant level in the Researcher Competencies (linked) and relevant Salary Range (linked)
  • Relocating Candidates: We must allow adequate time for candidates who are relocating.  Although difficult to generalise, it is recommended to allow the following notice periods to HR when recruiting different nationalities:
    • Irish Citizens - 6 weeks, EU Citizens - 8-10 weeks and Non-EEA Citizens – 12-16 Weeks (from experience, non-EEA candidates can experience delays securing visa’s and setting up bank accounts).
  • Research Advertising: Recruitment documents need to be submitted 3 Weeks in advance of the scheduled advertising date in order to meet advertising deadlines (Advertising Dates - University of Galway). Click on the link below (image box) for information on submitting a request. 
  • Non-renewable (<6 Month) Contracts: The PPF must be approved (see more information below) before the online form is submitted to HR. Requests need to be submitted 6 Weeks before the contract start date to allow sufficient time for finance approval, compliance checks, data processing and visas (where required). Please be advised that if the role is subject to Garda Vetting, a further 4 weeks for processing must be allowed. Link to online form on image box below. 

Recruiting Researchers

Effective recruitment and selection procedures are vital in attracting and retaining high quality research staff. By ensuring the best person for the job is recruited, open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers (OTM-R) improves the effectiveness of national research systems, guarantees equality, especially for under-represented groups, and boosts trans and international co-operation. This in turn promotes optimal circulation of scientific knowledge. At University of Galway we recruit based on OTM and competency based recruitment. 

Commitment to this principle of appointment on merit reflects the University's Policy on Equal Opportunities.

Research posts are funded by external funding grants and agencies and are usually on a fixed term contract basis.  The University recognises the need for research units to be in a position to recruit research staff in as expedient manner as possible while adhering to best practice methods of recruitment and selection and in compliance with legislation.  HR will assist and advise staff of Research Units/Schools/Colleges in managing the recruitment of research staff.  All offers of employment at University of Galway must be processed by the HR office.

Please find the Recruitment & Selection guide for Research funded staff here