What is Canvas

Canvas is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  A VLE is a web-based application designed to facilitate lecturers in the management of modules for their students, especially by helping lecturers and learners with course administration. A VLE is used to supplement face-to-face lectures and tutorials.‌

  • Canvas is the VLE in use at University of Galway. It allows students to download lecture notes, reading lists, assessment information and other course-related material from their Canvas sites.
  • It also contains functions that enable students to interact via class announcements, email, discussion boards.
  • It's easy to upload any materials (e.g. Word files, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, etc) and to create simple quizzes, arrange for electronic submission of course work by students, establish online discussion areas, etc.
  • Not all academic staff will use Canvas to support their face-to-face teaching
  • Please follow this link for an excellent lesson from CELT about Online Learning

‌Additional information

Logging in to Canvas

Canvas Support

  • As part of the Canvas VLE, University staff and students have access to online help and a 24/7 support helpline for any issue with the Canvas VLE (what is known as 'Tier 1' type queries). To access Canvas support, please click on the “Help” navigation button in the VLE.
  • Additional Canvas Guides are available from the Canvas community.

Canvas App

Students can download the Canvas Student App on compatible Android and Apple iOS devices from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Browser and Mobile App Compatibility:

  • Android 8.0 or later.
  • iOS 15.0 or later.

App Guides are available:

Students can also log in to Canvas using a mobile device browser.  Canvas is responsive and therefore easy to use on a mobile device browser.

Qwickly Attendance Monitoring

Qwickly Lecture Hall

The Qwickly Attendance course tool in Canvas will allow instructors, course builders, and teaching assistants to take attendance in their modules. Staff can take attendance manually. Students can also record their attendance within each module on their own devices using a browser or the Canvas App.  Qwickly Attendance can notify students via email when they have been marked absent.


Submission Issues: if you have issues submitting your assignment via Turnitin in Canvas, please contact your instructor in the first instance.

File Limits: the maximum file size supported by Turnitin is approximately 40mb and the maximum paper length is approximately 400 pages

Viewing Your Originality Report: Your instructor controls whether or not the originality report is available to view before the due date. If the report says 'Pending' please return to the file at a later stage - typically around an hour after submitting but this can vary depending on the file size or whether it is a busy period. Please check with your instructor if you are unsure what options are available to you.

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