How To Print Wirelessly (Macintosh & Windows)

Printing to Wireless Print Queues 


1. The wireless print package installs two queues:  Wireless_BW_Release (for black & white print jobs), Wireless_Colour_Release (for colour jobs). 

2. To print to either queue, click  File -> Print and select the appropriate queue for your job type.

3. At the popup prompt (below) enter your  Campus Account User ID
Wireless Printing: 1


4. Once the correct details are entered a second popup prompt (below) appears with details of your print job asking
Wireless Printing: 2


Important: Jobs sent to the wireless print queues do NOT print immediately.  
Print jobs  must be released at a PrintPoint Print Release Station.  
Print jobs sent to wireless queue are removed if they are not released within 24 hours.  
You will not be charged until the print job has been released.    

More details about PrintPoint Print Release Stations.