Multi Function Printer (MFP)

A Multi Function Printer (MFP) is a dedicated device that combines the functions of a printer, a print release station, a photocopier and a scanner.

When do I use a Multi Function Printer (MFP)?

If you are in a PC suite and send a job to the BW_Release or Colour_Release queue. 
If you are on the NUIGWiFi network and send a job to the Wireless_BW_Release and Wireless_Colour_Release queue. 
If you want to photocopy a document. 
If you want to scan a document and have it emailed to yourself.

Why use a Multi Function Printer (MFP)?

Multi Function Printers (MFPs) allow you to manage your print jobs in the same way as a print release station does.  Print release stations must be used when you are printing over the NUIGWiFi network.  They also must be used when you print in a PC suite to the BW_Release and Colour_Release queues.

Multi Function Printers (MFPs) can also be used to photocopy and scan documents.  The cost of photocopying and scanning will be deducted from your print credit in the same way that print jobs are.  This allows for your printing, photocopying and scanning to be managed through the same central print credit without having to purchase separate copying credit.

Where are Multi Function Printers located?

Click here to view a list of up-to-date Multi-Function Printers (MTPs).

How do I use a Multi Function Printer?

  1. Choose your desired function on the touch screen
    Multi Function Printers: 1
    Print allows you to release a job sent to a print release queue  
    Copy & Scan allows you to copy or scan a document

  2. Login with your NUI Galway Campus Account User ID and Password.

    a) Press the Username button 
    Multi Function Printers: 2
    b) Enter your Campus Account User ID and press the OK button 
    Multi Function Printers: 3
    c) Press the Login button to advance to the next screen 
    Multi Function Printers: 4
    d) Press the Password button 
    Multi Function Printers: 5
    e) Enter your Campus Account Password and press the OK button 
    Multi Function Printers: 6
    f) Press OK to complete the login process
    Multi Function Printers: 7

  3. Depending on your chosen function, you will be prompted to release a print job, copy a document or scan a document. Note: You can change between Copy and Scan by pressing the appropriate key on the keypad:
    Multi Function Printers: 8
    Release a Print Job 
     Select the print job from the list displayed 
    Multi Function Printers: 9
    b) Press the blue Start button to release the print job 
    Multi Function Printers: 10
    Photocopy a Document  
    a) Place the document on the scanner  
    b) Select job preferences  
    Multi Function Printers: 11
    c) Press the blue Start button to scan the document  
    Multi Function Printers: 10
    d) Press Finish on the screen to print the photocopy 

    Scan a Document  
    a) Place the document on the scanner  
    b) Select the E-Mail Me option to select your NUI Galway StudentMail address 
    Multi Function Printers: 12
    c) Press the blue Start button to begin the scan. 
    Multi Function Printers: 10
    A PDF of the document will be emailed to your NUI Galway StudentMail address. 

  4. Logoff from the MFP by pressing the Access button on the keypad twice:
    Multi Function Printers: 13