University of Galway Student Ezine

The Student Ezine is designed to provide all students with information on campus life, events and activities and is managed by Student Services, with input from the Internal Communication Officer.

You can find past editions of the Student Ezine on this page.

Submitting Content

The content for the student e-zine is carefully chosen to coincide with key milestones in the student journey and to reflect our university's values.  Send content to

All-Student Emails

Large numbers of students can be contacted via the following group email address:

  • All Registered Students

This email group can only be reached via the Student Mailer email account, accessed by ISS, the Students' Union and the Internal Communications Officer. To avoid the all-student email address being abused and creating unwanted email overload, requests for all-student emails must be submitted to the Internal Communications Officer.

Submission process

Before seeking clearance to send an all-student email, please consider the following:

  • Does your email need to be sent to all 18,000 students? Would it be better to target it to smaller groups via College or School Offices?
  • Does the news or event in your email strongly connect with the University?
  • Is your event/news story of interest to all students? If it's an event, is it available or accessible to all students?
  • Have you considered other channels for communicating with students, like Blackboard, the Students' Union weekly email, and the Societies Office's What's Happening Guide...?
  • Have you written the email to be easy to read, not too long, and with all the essential details?
  • All-student emails must be bilingual, according to the University's Language Scheme. To have your email translated, email the text as a Word document to:
Access denied

Access to the Student Mailer will not be approved for the lowing:

  • During University exam periods
  • During the Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) fieldwork period (in Feb/Mar)
  • Emails from external organisations or businesses, except the HEA, HSE and An Garda Síochána
  • Content that is not compliant with the University of Galway Student Code of Conduct

You may appeal the decision with the Director of Student Services if your email is denied.


We do facilitate surveys as long as there is a clear link between the survey and the work of the University. We will only issue one survey per week on a first-come-first-served basis. Where applicable, verification by an Ethics Committee should be provided


To approve your email, contact the Internal Communications Officer:

Blackboard Messageboard

The Blackboard Messageboard is visible to all students when they log into their Blackboard account. You can request a notice to be added to the Messageboard by logging a ticket with the Blackboard team. Messages must be of relevance to a broad section of students. Please note that during certain times of the academic year (first weeks back, examinations, etc.), there are a lot of requests for messages to be uploaded to Blackboard, and not all messages will be approved.

Students' Union Weekly Email

The Students' Union email all students every Thursday to update them on campus news and events. To feature your information or event in the email, please contact Joanna Brophy (SU) with up to 100 words of text before Thursday.