Transitional Justice and Peace Building Research Cluster (TJPR)

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The Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding research cluster promotes research, debate, and discussion about justice, law and peacebuilding in post-conflict and post-authoritarian countries. 

The research cluster is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary space that brings together different fields of inquiry to critically analyse the complexities of justice after massive human rights violations. Societies in transition must take difficult ethical, legal, and political decisions to restore peace and stability, avoid relapsing into conflict and guarantee justice and accountability to victims and society. 

For this reason, the research cluster aims to problematise the multiple conceptions of justice in post-conflict societies. It incorporates critical perspectives that challenge the orthodox liberal theories of justice and build bridges with theories of justice from the Global South. It brings together the fields of restorative justice, memory studies, archival studies, and reparative justice. 

The cluster promotes empirical research that provides an in-depth analysis of case studies and a deeper understanding of how Transitional Justice is constructed and perceived by the communities and people that aim to benefit.

Current projects include case studies from Colombia, Liberia, and Central America. Other research projects focus on the uses of human rights archives for developing transitional justice and transnational human rights cases. 

Cluster Leader:

Dr Anita Ferrara

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