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 Funded the EPA under the STRIVE (Science, Technology, Research & Innovation for the Environment) Programme 2007-2013 

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Project Team        

Dr. Dearbháile Morris 

Prof. Martin Cormican 

Dr. Diarmuid O'Donovan

Dr. Srinivas Raghavendra 

Dr. Martina Prendergast 

Dr. Aksana Chyzheuskaya 



Overall Objective:  To assess the economic impact of the waterborne cryptosporidiosis outbreak that occurred in Galway in 2007

Specific Objectives:

1.  To review studies that have placed an economic value on major water quality incidents.

2.  To place a monetary value on the costs and inconveniences imposed on the public, business and production sectors, local authorities and government agencies.

3.  To explore the immediate and long-term benefits arising from remedial actions taken

4.  To evaluate the cost-benefit ratio with a view to set a comparable standard for future policy actions

5.  To investigate means of assessing the immediate and long term costs associated with loss of trust by communities in the public water supply and more general loss of trust in public services.

6.  To identify key knowledge gaps that limit evaluation of the economic impact of the outbreak with a view to development of a template for real-time data collection in future incidents. 

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