Brigid Hooban

Contact Details:‌

Email: b.hooban1@nuigalway.ie

Phone: 091 542686

Location: Room 2008, Clinical Science Institute, Discipline of Bacteriology, University Hospital Galway, Galway, Ireland. 

Position: PhD student (Structured PhD in Bacteriology)

Supervisors: Dr. Dearbháile Morris, Professor Martin Cormican.

Area of Research: AREST project - Antimicrobial Resistance and the Environment – Sources, Persistence, Transmission and Risk Management.


2013-2017 BSc. (Hons) in Medical Science Galway Mayo Institute of Technology 
2018-present PhD in Bacteriology National University in Ireland Galway

Previous areas of research:

Studying the pathoadaptative abilities of Klebsiella spp. through comparison of clinical and foodborne isolates. This research included comparison of their biofilm formation abilities, antibiotic susceptibility testing, metabolic profiling as well as whole genome sequencing.