Physiology is one of the core biomedical science subjects that students taking the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree can choose.

What is Physiology and why should I study it?

Physiology is the science of how the body works - how cells function alone and within specific organs, and how these organs work together to establish biological systems and how these systems integrate and communicate to maintain normal body function. As such patho-physiology is the study of when these physiological processes go wrong and is the cause of most human disease states.

So, if you are interested in a professional career in human health and/or patient care, a basic knowledge of physiology is essential. Interested in biomedical research and the development of novel therapeutics? Then physiology is one of the key subjects in this area with researchers aiming to increase understanding of how the human body works and assist in the development of better treatments for disease. Our students have gone onto careers in medicine, physiotherapy, dietetics, research and development, teaching, regulatory affairs, medical supply sales, among many others.

Course Outline

The BSc degree is a 4-year degree programme, where students can choose to major in Physiology for their final year. Students who wish to choose Physiology as their major subject will be required to choose this as one of their preferred pathway choices in 2nd year. Students will undertake a range of lectures, tutorials, seminars, case studies and laboratory based practicals as part of the physiology programme. A core component of the Physiology degree is that during their final year students will have the opertunity of undertaking a research project. This provides students with an insight into the processes underlying biomedical research.  

It should be noted that there is a quota on the number of places that are available to BSc degree students who wish to study Physiology.

 Physiology Degree Pathway

Year 1 (60 Credits)


Other optional 15 credits

Year 2 (60 credits: 20 Physiology credits)


Year 3 (60 Credits total: 30 Physiology Credits)

Year 4 (60 Physiology Credits)

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