How To Modify MFA Setup

If you ever need to change the phone number of Authenticator App linked to your Mailbox, it is easy to do.

Simply visit and log into your MFA enabled mailbox by entering your University of Galway Student Email Username and Password and authenticating via MFA as per above.

Once logged in you will be brought to the below screen. From here you will be able to change the default 2nd authentication prompt next time you log into your mailbox (1), edit your authentication phone number (2), add an alternative authentication phone number (3), set up the authenticator app on another device (4) or delete the authenticator app already set up (5).

Once modified, remember to select save, and sign out at the next screen.

Lost or Stolen Phone

Should you lose access to your secondary authentication method (i.e. a lost or stolen phone) you will be unable to access your mail account. You will need to contact the Library and IT ServiceDesk in such instances to have your MFA  reset, please be aware ISS does not update the mobile number.
You can log a ticket under Office 365 > MFA, please provide an alternative email address on which to conact you.



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