Issuing of Temporary Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)

Our office will provide a temporary Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) to Scholarship applicants who have applied for an official PPSN (and await confirmation of this from the Department of Social Protection) and can provide the following documentation, to enable the student to complete the online form.

The evidence required is as follows:

• University offer letter confirming the position i.e., Letter of Offer.
• Proof of Address here in Ireland and that the student is currently resident.
• Official PPS number application – a screenshot showing that the student has submitted an official application for a PPSN to the Department of Social Welfare is acceptable.
• Payments – the student will also require a valid bank account held within the SEPA area. Further details can be found here.
• Student 8-digit ID number.
• Supervisors name.
• Details of the course in relation to the awarded Scholarship.

Should you require a temporary PPS number, please email, and attach to the email the above documentation required.
The student should immediately contact our office with confirmation of their official PPS number via email to, .

Our office will also provide a temporary PPS number to Scholarship applicants to enable the student to complete the online form and request payment of fees prior to registration, if they are not yet on-campus or in Ireland. Should you require one, please email . The student should immediately secure an official PPS number upon arrival in Ireland and provide our office with this via email to,, to enable us to set up payment of the students Stipend.

Please note, the student will also require an IBAN account (University of Galway now accept payment via SEPA, Revolut and Wise accounts) in order to complete the online form for fee(s) payment.

Scholarship Information

  • Completed Scholarship forms must be emailed by the Agresso Budget Holder to .
  • The table below outlines the dates for submission of forms and payment dates for funded Scholarship students.

Please note, correctly completed Scholarship Forms must be received by the Research Accounts Office no later than the 7th of the month,   except for *December, in order to ensure payment within that calendar month.  Forms correctly completed and received after the 7th, or    after 1st December, will be processed for payment the following month.

Month   Submission DeadlinePayment Date
January 2024 7th 24th January
February 2024 7th 22nd February
March 2024 7th 22nd March
April 2024 7th 23rd April
May 2024 7th 24th May
June 2024 7th 21st June
July 2024 7th 24th July
August 2024 7th 23rd August
September 2024 7th 23rd September
October 2024 7th 23rd October
November 2024 7th 22nd November
December 2024 1st* Please note early submission date 18th December

Additional Information for students

  • Forms can not be submitted without a PPS number and/or an Irish Bank Account or SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Bank Account (which includes a BIC and IBAN). SEPA is made up of the Eurozone, countries within the EU and a few other countries which also support EUR bank transfers. 
  • If a student is full-time registered at another Educational Establishment then a letter of Proof of Registration from that University is needed to accompany the Scholarship forms at the time of submission covering the period in which the student is visiting the University of Galway campus. 
  • The Student signature required for the Revenue Declaration Form must be an original signature.
  • For further information see the Payroll & Expenses Office regarding scholarship payment information


Additional Information for Budget Holders

  • The Budget Holder must ensure sufficient funds are available in the account to cover the duration of the Scholarship. This can be reviewed in the most recent Labour Commitment file for the Research Account.
  • The end date of the Scholarship cannot extend beyond the end date of the Research Account.