Short films from finalists of the #ThisIsEngineering2022 competition for third level engineering students were shown at the 'This is Engineering…' Short Film Festival screening on 8th March 2022, sponsored by Engineers Ireland West Region in collaboration with SFI MaREI Centre and NUI Galway (full recording is available here).
The aim was to explain engineering to primary and secondary school students through original, imaginative and engaging videos that arrest, entertain, provoke thought and showcase engineering. The competition was run as part of Engineers Week 2022 and was free to enter for all students registered on an engineering degree programme in a third level institution on the Island of Ireland. There were entries from 10 third level institutions on the Island of Ireland – Waterford IT, IT Carlow, TCD, UCD, QUB, Maynooth University, NUI Galway, GMIT, UL and Munster Technological University.

Here are the finalists of the #ThisIsEngineering2022 competition:

Aswathy asks, “What is an engineer?  What are the different types of engineers? How does an engineer solve problems?”  This short video introduces the concept of engineering to the next generation and explains how it fits into our everyday lives.

In this film, a 3-year old Basim investigates “What is Engineering?”. Basim follows four simple steps: Step 1: Observe the Situation, Step 2: Find a Solution, Step 3: Take Action, Step 4: Verify Results.

In this video, Chris, a biomedical engineer from NUI Galway, explains how engineers use science, maths, problem-solving and hard work to create everything in the built environment we live in.

This video shows the exciting and rewarding work that engineers do in a visually stimulating and easy to digest fashion.

Conor edited this video to be fast paced while informative through images to show what engineering is about. Being from a civil background, he has included videos from a building site and typical tasks associated with site from pouring concrete to the movement of cranes. He has also added a Formula 1 car, as he saw the link of different fields of engineering in the shot where the car drives over the bridge.

According to Emma, “It can be difficult to grasp the true definition of what Engineering actually is, especially as there are so many different types! Mechanical, Chemical, Software, Design… the list is endless!” Emma’s video aims to inspire young students and help educate them on the many opportunities waiting for them in a STEM career.

In this film, Seán gives us a whirlwind tour of what he does during his engineering degree programme in college.  The video contains a broad range of ‘stuff’ that an engineering student studies in college.

According to Monirul “he wanted to make a simple video which would walk teenagers through what Engineering is”.  Monirul hopes that by watching this video, students would have a good idea about the major engineering disciplines and be able choose their aspiring engineering path.

This video displays different perspectives of engineering and its applications to the world.