Short films from finalists of the #ThisIsEngineering2023 competition for third level engineering students were shown at the 'This is Engineering…' Short Film Festival screening on 8th March 2023, sponsored by Engineers Ireland West Region in collaboration with SFI MaREI Centre, Construct Innovate and University of Galway (full recording available here).

The aim was to explain engineering to primary and secondary school students through original, imaginative and engaging videos that arrest, entertain, provoke thought and showcase engineering. The competition was run as part of Engineers Week 2023 and was free to enter for all students registered on an engineering degree programme in a third level institution on the Island of Ireland. There were entries from five third level institutions on the Island of Ireland – Atlantic Technological University, Maynooth University, University College Dublin, University of Galway and University of Limerick.

Here are the finalists of the #ThisIsEngineering2023 competition:

According to Qistina, the video explores different types of engineers in our current society and the main qualities they have as engineers. It also shows what engineers can do to help the society and the influence they have to the world.

This video uses an example of an airplane to explain 3 stages of engineering, such as design, build and test.

In this video, Rupert shows how engineering creates our built environment, such as roads, buildings and machinery. Rupert focuses on how to reduce car traffic through engineering better road infrastructure.

Filip describes the characteristics of engineering work, such as problem solving, team work and working efficiently.

Piotr shows engineering around us, from the buildings we live in to the robots that make our lives easier. Engineers use their knowledge of math, science, and technology to create solutions that solve problems and explore new frontiers like virtual reality and space exploration. From designing sustainable energy sources to developing software that powers our devices, engineering is a career for those who are curious, creative, and love to solve problems. Piotr encourages us all to join the exciting world of engineering and think big and dream big.

Kacper explains that there is no need to be intimidated by engineering, because engineering is everywhere around (and inside!) us. And an important thing to mention, we all have practiced some form of engineering. 

In her video, Mary says that ‘it all starts with a question to engineer ideas’. Engineering brings us endless opportunities and it’s up to us to decide what we want to engineer.  

Alex shows how engineers use their creativity and knowledge to build small and big things around us. 

Tenis explains that engineers use math, science, and creativity to design, build, test, and improve things that make our lives better. Tenis believes engineers are superheroes. You can also be a superhero, if you learn engineering, which means use your knowledge and skills to solve problems and create things that make a better world.

In this video, Livija explains engineering through a practical demonstration of water whistles. These instruments were made by people long before our time and they are a great example of how engineering has been all around us since the beginning of human kind. From small ceramic water whistle to the most innovative technologies we see today, it has been our curiosity and the desire to solve problems, no matter how big or small, that brought us all here today.