SNS Friday Feeling Science Seminars 2023

Professor Alan Ryder is organising a seminar series for Friday afternoons here at the University of Galway as part of hte School of Natural Sciences. The goal is to bring SNS researchers and the wider community together and showcase the great science here in the University. The format will be principal investigators delivering a keynote talk about their research with some of their lab members also contributing talks. The topics will rotate around Physics, Earth & Ocean Sciences, and Biological Sciences (thre three constituent disciplines in SNS). We will be covering everything from parasites and rocks, to medical devices and drug something for everyone. The preliminary schedule is as follows: 




13/01/2023 MS Teams Masterclass/Workshop Prof. Alan Ryder (Physics)
20/01/2023 MRI Applied to Alzheimer's disease, sleep glymphatics and neurodegeneration Dr. Niall Colgan (Physics)
27/01/2023 Parasites in my Blood Prof. John Dalton (Zoology)
03/02/2023 Soil to Life: Remote Sensing the Critical Zone Dr. Eve Daly (EOS)
10/02/2023  Spineless beasts, and why I study them.  Dr. Christopher J. Coates (Zoology)
17/02/2023  “The cabaret was quiet except for the drillin' in the wall… “: how the university has taken the lead in shallow geothermal use in Ireland.  Dr. Tiernan Henry (EOS)
24/02/2023  Burying my head in the sand: Researching the origins of sediment.  Dr. Shane Tyrrell (EOS)
 03/03/2023  ‘The Galway Venom System Lab: Seven years of research on the Noble false widow spider’  Dr. Michel Dugon (Zoology)
 10/03/23  ‘Time, stings, and longevity: The macroecology of time perception, venom potency and animal life history strategies.'  Dr. Kevin Healy (Zoology)
24/03/23  ‘Ultrashort laser pulses: Reimagining applications for laser material interactions.’  Prof. Ger O'Connor (Physics) 
31/03/2023 Polarized fluorescence for protein analysis: the multidimensional approach to fast analytics. Prof. Alan Ryder (Physics) 
21/4/23 Postdoc death match: ‘‘Novel chemicals in our environment: the What, the Where, and the Why Should We Care” versus ‘‘Bringing 10,000 year old peatlands into the 21st Century” (Venue: Dillon Lecture Theatre) Dr. Martin Sharkey (Physics) V's Dr. David O'Leary (EOS)
28/4/23 'The Polarized Universe near and far:’ (Venue: Dillon Lecture Theatre) Prof. Walter Gear (Dean, College of Science & Engineering)
 5/5/23 ‘Combatting Cancer– the contribution of Medical Physics’ (Venue: Dillon Lecture Theatre) Dr. Mark Foley (Physics)
19/5/23 ‘Living in a Microbial World: interactions and connections with bacteria'. (Venue: Larmor LT) Dr. Aoife Boyd (SNS)

Call it Parasites in the science versus physics: 

‘‘Fascinating Fasciola: the tale of a zoonotic trematode” ‘‘Fascinating Fasciola: the tale of a zoonotic trematode” versus ‘‘Nebulisers, good for the patient, bad for the doctor?” (Venue: Larmor LT)

Dr. Nichola Calvani (Zoology) V's Ciarraí O’Toole (Physcs)

‘‘Imaging the cradles of planet formation” (Venue: Larmor LT)

Dr. Christian Ginski (Physics)

‘Plant and Algal Cell Walls - Fortified by Diversity’ (Venue: Larmor LT)

Dr. Zoë Popper, (Botany & Plant Science)

'Bloomsday déjà vu – a day in the life of the Open Ocean’ (Venue: Larmor LT)

Prof. Peter Croot (Earth & Ocean Sciences)

'And yet it forms”. The challenging birth of planets 400 years after Galileo (Venue: Larmor LT)

Dr, Antonio Garufi, Department of Physics, ETH Zurich

Venue: Dillon/Larmor Lecture Theatre, Arts/Science Concourse

Time: 3pm every Friday