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All Staff in the School of Natural Sciences

Academic Staff

Name  Email Address  Subject Area  Ext No Location
Louise Allcock louise.allcock@nuigalway.ie  Zoology  2322 Room 213, MRI
Karen Bacon karen.bacon@nuigalway.ie  Botany/Plant Science  3208 Room 319, MRI
Sadhbh Baxter sadhbh.baxter@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  5962 Room A104, Quadrangle 
Aoife Boyd aoife.boyd@nuigalway.ie    2402 Room 207, Arts/Science Building
Ray Butler ray.butler@nuigalway.ie  Physics  3788 PHY152, Arts/Science Building 
Miriam Byrne miriam.byrne@nuigalway.ie Physics  3394 PHY223, Arts/Science Building
Caitriona Carlin caitriona.carlin@nuigalway.ie  Environmental Science  3863 ES206, Arts/Science Building 
Rachel Cave rachel.cave@nuigalway.ie Earth & Ocean Sciences  2351 Room 210a, Quadrangle
Marie Coggins marie.coggins@nuigalway.ie Physics  5056 PHY233, Arts/Science Building 
Liz Coleman  mary.coleman@nuigalway.ie  Physics    PHY241, Arts/Science Building
Niall Colgan  niall.colgan@nuigalway.ie  Physics  3393 PHY145, Arts/Science Building
Peter Croot peter.croot@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  2194 Room 207b, Quadrangle
John Dalton  johnpius.dalton@nuigalway.ie  Zoology  4437 Room 217, Orbsen Building 
Eve Daly eve.daly@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  2310 Room A104a, Quadrangle 
Nicholas Devaney nicholas.devaney@nuigalway.ie  Physics  5188 PHY242, Arts/Science Building 
Michel Dugon  michel.dugon@nuigalway.ie  Zoology  4491 Room 214, MRI
Jessamyn Fairfield jessamyn.fairfield@nuigalway.ie  Physics  2494 PHY205, Arts/Science Building 
Mark Foley mark.foley@nuigalway.ie  Physics  5383 PHY144, Arts/Science Building 
Jessica Gier jessica.gier@nuigalway.ie  Physics  5705 PHY213, Arts/Science Building 
Gary Gillanders gary.gillanders@nuigalway.ie  Physics  2529 PHY146, Arts/Science Building 
Aaron Golden  aaron.golden@nuigalway.ie  Physics  2327  
Alexander Goncharov  alexander.goncharov@nuigalway.ie  Physics  5189 PHY244, Arts/Science Building 
Michael Gormally mike.gormally@nuigalway.ie  Environmental Science  3334 ES207, Arts/Science Building 
Anthony Grehan  anthony.grehan@nuigalway.ie Earth & Ocean Sciences  3235 Room A105, Quadrangle 
Kevin Healy kevin.healy@nuigalway.ie  Zoology  3744 Room 219, MRI
Tiernan Henry tiernan.henry@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  5096 Room A205, Quadrangle
Mark Johnson  mark.johnson@nuigalway.ie  Marine Science  5864 Room 202, MRI Annex
Gesche Kindermann gesche.kindermann@nuigalway.ie  Environmental Science  3862 ES206, Arts/Science Building
Christoph Kleefeld  christoph.kleefeld@nuigalway.ie Physics  4450 PHY147, Arts/Science Building
Mark Lang  mark.lang@nuigalway.ie Physics  3241 PHY151, Arts/Science Building
Colin Lawton  colin.lawton@nuigalway.ie  Zoology  2335 Room 215, MRI
Martin Leahy martin.leahy@nuigalway.ie  Physics  4260 PHY162, Arts/Science Building 
Grace McCOrmack  grace.mccormack@nuigalway.ie Zoology  2321 Room 222, MRI 
Liam Morrison  liam.morrison@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  3200 Room 310, MRI
John Murray john.murray@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  5095 Room A209, Quadrangle
Gerard O'Connor gerard.oconnor@nuigalway.ie  Physics  2513 PHY174, Arts/Science Building 
Colin O'Dowd colin.odowd@nuigalway.ie  Physics  3306 PHY241a, Arts/Science Building 
Jurgita Ovadnevaite jurgita.ovadnevaite@nuigalway.ie Physics  2496 PHY237, Arts/Science Building 
Zoe Popper zoe.popper@nuigalway.ie  Botany/Plant Science  5431 Room 319, MRI
Anne Marie Power annemarie.power@nuigalway.ie  Zoology  3015 Room 226, MRI
Matt Redmann matt.redmann@nuigalway.ie  Physics  3357 PHY245, Arts/Science Building
Yury Rochev yury.rochev@nuigalway.ie  Physics  2806 PHY163, Arts/Science Building 
Alan Ryder alan.ryder@nuigalway.ie  Physics  2943 Room 213, Arts/Science Building
Patricia Scully patricia.scully@nuigalway.ie  Physics  2717 PHY153, Arts/Science Building 
Dagmar Stengel dagmar.stengel@nuigalwway.ie  Botany/Plant Science  3192 Room 318, MRI
Shane Tyrrell shane.tyrrell@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  4387 Room A204, Quadrangle
Joan Walsh joan.walsh@nuigalway.ie  Physics    PHY245, Arts/Science Building
Brian Ward bward@nuigalway.ie  Physics  3029 PHY238, Arts/Science Building
Martin White martin.white@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Ocean Sciences  3214 Room A207c, Quadrangle


Name Email Address Subject Area Location 
Sergey Alexandrov sergey.alexandrov@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY101c Arts/Science Building
Yvonne Barrett yvonne.barrett@nuigalway.ie Physics Arts/Science Building
Oisin Callery oisin.callery@nuigalway.ie EOS A200, Quad
Darius Ceburnis darius.ceburnis@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY229, Arts/Science Building
Alan Conneely alan.conneely@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY173 Arts/Science Building
Alison Connolly alison.connolly@nuigalway.ie  Physics PHY234 Arts/Science Building
John Dunbar j.dunbar2@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 114b, MRI
Nazar Farid nazar.farad@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY171, Arts/Science Building
Fatimatuk Zohora Sonny fatimatujzohara.sonny@nuigalway.ie EOS Room 103, RI
Kirsten Fossum kirsten.fossum@nuigalway.ie Physics Arts/Science Building
Siobhán Gaughan siobhan.gaughan@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 313, Orbsen 
Heather Jewhurst heather.jewhurst@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 313, Orbsen 
Renuka Kavutharapu renuka.kavutharapu@nuigalway.ie Physics Arts/Science Building
Robert Kennedy bob.kenneday@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 218, MRI
Aliakbar Khorshad, aliakbar.khorshad@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY207, Arts/Science Building
Claire Laguionie-Marchais claire.laguionie-marchais@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 114B, MRI
Fanny Lalegerie fanny.lalegerie@nuigalway.ie Botany/Plant Science  Room 324, RI
Keelan Lawlor keelan.lawlor@nuigalway.ie Botany/Plant Science  Room 311, RI
Chunshui Lin chunshui.lin@nuigalway.ie Physics Arts/Science Building
Jesus Lopez jesus.lopez@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 313, Orbsen 
Damien Martin damien.martin@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY230, Arts/Science Building
Aedin McAleer aedin.mcaleer@nuigalway.ie EOS Room 305, RI
Ian McCabe ian.mccabe@nuigalway.ie Physics Arts/Science Building
James McGrath james.a.mcgrath@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY235 Arts/Science Building
Mark Neary mark.neary@nuigalway.ie Physics Arts/Science Building
Cormac O'Brien cormac.obrien@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY164 Arts/Science Building
Martin Sharkey martin.sharkey@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY234, Arts/Science Building
Yinka Somorin  yinka.somorin@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY172, Arts/Science Building
Gerard Spain gerard.spain@nuigalway.ie Physics Arts/Science Building
Nina Wemken  nina.wemken@nuigalway.ie  Physics PHY235 Arts/Science Building
Ryan Young  ryan.young@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 114b, MRI

Adjunct Staff

Dr Andrew McCarthy
EMBL Grenoble Outstation
71, avenue des Martyrs
CS 90181
38042 Grenoble Cedex 9

Tel: +33 4 76 20 7276
Email: andrewmc@embl.fr

Dr  Irena Dornreiter
Leibniz-Institut für Experimentelle Virologie (HPI)
Martinistrasse 52

Tel: +49 40 679 2731
Email: irena.dornreiter@comcast.net

Technical Staff

Name Email Address  Subject Area Location 
Darius Ceburnis darius.ceburnis@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY229, Arts/Science Building
Derek Coburn derek.coburn@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY155, Arts/Science Building 
Alessandra Costanzo alessandra.costanzo@nuigalway.ie Earth & Ocean Sciences  Room A210, Quadrangle 
Bridget Cullagh bridget.cullagh@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY154, Arts/Science Building
Maeve Edwards maeve.edwards@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 204, MRI
Sheena Fennell sheena.fennell@nuigalway.ie Earth & Ocean Sciences  Room 317, MRI
Stuart Anthony Harries stuart.harries@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY157, Arts/Science Building
Eoin Mac Loughlin eoin.loughlin@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 216, MRI
Aedín McAleer aedín.mcaleer@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 204, MRI
Conor Mc Brierty conor.brierty@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY156, Arts/Science Building
Padraic Moran padraic.moran@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY154, Arts/Science Building
James Nallen james.nallen@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY157, Arts/Science Building
Dariusz Nowak dariusz.nowak@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 204, MRI
Eoin O'Connor eoin.o'connor@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY156, Arts/Science Building
Elaine O'Riordan elaine.o'riordan@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 217, MRI
Shane Rooney shane.rooney@nuigalway.ie Earth & Ocean Sciences  Room A200a, Quadrangle 
Oliver Ryan oliver.ij.ryan@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY155, Arts/Science Building 

Administrative Staff

Name  Email Address  Subject Area  Location
Susan Gallagher susan.gallagher@nuigalway.ie  Earth & Life Sciences  Room 213a, MR Building
Lorraine Leahy lorraine.leahy@nuigalway.ie Zoology Room 324, MR Building
Helena Martin helena.martin@nuigalway.ie Botany/Plant Science & Env Science Room 324, MR Building 
Lorna Larkin lorna.larkin@nuigalway.ie Earth & Ocean Sciences  Room A208, Quadrangle
Rebecca Nolan rebecca.nolan@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY224, Arts/Science Building 
Cáit Fahy cait.fahy@nuigalway.ie Physics PHY224, Arts/Science Building