Medicinal Chemistry - Chemistry for Drug Discovery.

Do you want to learn how to discover and develop life saving medicines? Then study Medicinal Chemistry. Medicinal chemists play crucial roles in drug discovery and development. Medicinal Chemistry is vital to addressing all modern health problems such as the problem of resistance to antibiotics, cancer, all types of infection and diseases of the brain and nervous system.

Chemistry at the University of Galway have expertise in various aspects of Medicinal Chemistry. This includes searching for drugs from natural sources including the marine, using synthesis to make new molecules for drug discovery projects, designing drugs using computers, analysing the properties of molecules with relevance to a range of disease areas such as cancer and influenza. Drug discovery and development involves medicinal chemists working with other life scientists and clinicians. The content of this programme reflects the interdisciplinary approach to Drug Discovery with students taking courses in Life Sciences as well as Chemistry and Medicinal Chemsitry.

Medicinal Chemistry graduates, like all Chemistry graduates, are highly employable with opportunities in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, forensics, agri-food, environmental services, education, teaching. Students acquire a range of professional and transferable skills. Many graduates pursue research careers and continue studies at MSc and PhD level. Medicinal Chemistry is a stepping stone to other degree options such as Pharmacy and entry to Medical School.

Medicinal Chemistry brochure 2023